Last week, Loi 72 changed. Prior to this change, if you wanted to purchase a bottle of wine from a restaurant, you were required to purchase your bottle with a meal that included 2 proteins – a significant barrier. In response to a recent mountain pressure spearheaded by @joebeefmtl , Loi 72 changed its food requirement from repas (meal) to aliment (snack). This change reduces the barrier and will make it easier for restaurants to convert their wine inventories into revenue.

This weekend, I chose to pop over to my local natural wine bar, @bistro_pastaga and pick up a unique bottle of natural wine from Italy.

Face to Face 2019 is a light natural red wine from Toscana IGT with loads of character. Cherry 🍒 licorice, blood orange 🍊 zest, anise, cola🥤, and potted soil on the nose with bright cherry, sweet balsamic, and coffee ☕️ on the pallet.

High acidity, light body, medium tannins – served lightly chilled. I paired this with a BBQ chicken pizza 🍕, but a tomato-based 🥫pasta 🍝 dish would be 👌