Tout simplement, l’un des vins blancs le plus facile à boire que je n’aie dégusté! 🚨

@meinklang_farm is located in region of Burgenland, one of the warmer regions of Austria, not far from the border of Hungary.

Meinklang is a farm, and one of the products they happen to produce and sell, is wine. They believe whole heartedly in biodynamic agriculture – the stinging nettles and thistles that normally terrorize vineyards are welcome. They too have a purpose, feeding important insects and providing valuable humus for the vine environment.

Finesse. Fresh. Clean. These are the first words that come to mind when trying to describe Meinklang’s Grüner Veltliner.

It’s a pure example of Grüner – notes of pear, apple, white peach with some flinty minerality and the faintest notes of pepper. Yes, there’s that racy acidity, but it doesn’t leave your taste buds in a state of shock. The finish is so so supple – a testament to the time and dedication to the craft of winemaking.

Can’t recommend this one enough, especially if you’re just getting into whites.

Prost! 🥂

  • Sweetness: XDry (<1.2g/L)
  • Varietal: Grüner Veltliner
  • Alcohol: 11%
  • Country: Burgenland, Austria
  • Producer: @meinklang_farm
  • Importation agency: @agencelaqv
  • Price: $18.95 @lasaq