This wine evoked many emotions and thoughts, so where do I begin… 🤔

The first has to be the fact that this is one of those special bottles that reminds me why I have a passion for wine and winemaking. 💕 There’s this indescribable wave of satisfaction that overcomes me… it hits me over the head and sits me back into the seat of my chair. 🪑

I feel a sense of pride in the fact that we’re able to produce such fine wines that truly rival some of the best in the world. 🔝 🇨🇦

I get a little frustrated by the fact that BC wines are so scarce in Quebec and Ontario. 😩

I think about how I wish I was able to fill my suitcase with this wine, for it would surely be a staple in my cellar. The sheer price to quality ratio is outstanding. 🛒

I think about how magical my home Province of BC is and in particular, the Okanagan Valley and how grateful I am to have been able to get a taste of it recently, and how I need to go back. ✈️

There are other thoughts and emotions, but I’ll spare you for now. 🤝

Beautiful dark cherry 🍒 dark chocolate 🍫 blackberry, plum, with an incredible oak finesse and perfectly developed tannins.

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