• Age: 29
  • Location: Montreal, QC
  • Things I do: eat, drink wine, write, help out at Vignoble d’Ovila, seek opportunities to learn more about the world of wine.

An introduction.

I attained my WSET Level 3 certification in November 2019, but wine was part of my life much before that. Some of my earliest memories are those of my dad and I making weekly trips to a small winemaking shop in North Vancouver to bottle some of his homemade wine. Throughout two stints living abroad in France, trips to Saint-Émilion and Bourgogne only affirmed my interest and love and for the world of wine.

The idea of Vins Voyons Donc originated from where most of my best ideas come from – the shower. Ben voyons donc is a commonly used expression in Québec, used to express surprise, amazement, or doubt, depending on the context of course. Ben (In French) also sounds like vin (wine).

Choosing a French name for my blog represents the rediscovery of my French Canadian heritage and identity – something I struggled with in my early days growing up in the Lower Mainland of BC. The subject matter of Vins Voyons Donc! represents my journey through the world of wine. A world often viewed as a closed society of snobs. My blog aims to break down these barriers, describing the world of wine in ways that people of any knowledge level can enjoy.

Presently, Vins Voyons Donc! aims to share some of the infinitely unique, inspiring, and incredible stories of the world of wine. Tomorrow, who knows what it’ll be.

Thanks for reading.